Les 16:12 09 Dec 04

I'm thinking of going Broadband but I'd like some advice first. I know that this question may appear stupid but, as I know that braodband is always on, does it actually mean that? Are you able to switch off the input from the phone line so isolating the computer from the line, clicking back on as and when you need it. The thought of a computer being accessable all the time worries me, firewall or no firewall.

  ACOLYTE 16:27 09 Dec 04

Yes you can connect/dissconnect when you like.The term always on doesnt mean you cant turn it off,just that the broadband service is always available on the line.

  Jackcoms 16:35 09 Dec 04


I've been using BB now since April and I ALWAYS disconnect when I'm away from the PC for any length of time.

It helps to keep any nasties away from my PC!

  westwit 17:44 09 Dec 04


You will create a new DUN connection, with the broadband details, password etc. You can disconnect by clicking on the DUN icon or - if you're really paranoid - you can pull the broadband modem plug out of the splitter socket (the bit that allows your phone and the broadband modem to coexist on the phone line).

I still keep my old Abel Gratis free dial-up ISP as a DUN connection as well; it's very handy if you get a broadband 'outage', which can happen from time to time if your phone line is a bit noisy.

  Graham ® 19:58 09 Dec 04

Broadband is always on, but you're not always connected to it!

westwit, don't keep the dial-up modem plugged in, you are wide open to dialers.

  Les 23:01 09 Dec 04

Thanks fellers - apologies for the delay in answering but I managed to get away from my computer for 5 hours! <G>

You have reassured me.

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