Broad band speeds

  gel 15:00 13 Jul 10

I use ISP O2

I have just run 2 broadband speed tests

The first provided by
click here which gave result

download 7306 kbps upload 395kbps

then I ran PC Adviser test which gave

download 3945.65 kbps upload 1089.93 kbps

Are differences in the readings normal?
The test were run wihin minutes of each other


  Clapton is God 15:13 13 Jul 10

I would have thought that differences as widely varying as that are a nonsense.

What results do you get if you take, say, 3 readings in succession at each site?

  gel 15:28 13 Jul 10

Thank you for your interest
Results of 3 reading in succession

Broadband max down 7072 7218 7118
up 338 658 282

Pc advisor down 3956.24 3936.24 3860.27
up 1082.62 1082.69 1092.05

There does seem more consistency with the PC advisor tests


  Clapton is God 15:39 13 Jul 10

I would have said that both sites give pretty consistent results (I always use Broadband Max).

What I don't understand is why the two sites give such widely different results.

Just out of interest:

1) what package are you on (e.g. up to 8 mbps)?
2) are you on cable or copper wire?
3) if copper, how far are you from your local telephone exchange?

  woodchip 15:48 13 Jul 10

So how do you get to PCA test. I use Max

  gel 15:49 13 Jul 10

Not sure of package
My wireless network connection says

speed 54.0 Mbps at present

Using copper wire telephone

I also have been using Broad band max for the last 18 months and the records show similar readings to those I have quoted

I looked at PC advisor test out of interest


  gel 15:54 13 Jul 10

As a matter of interest I pay O2 £7.50 per month and £10 every 3 months for my Pay as you Go Mobile

  gel 15:57 13 Jul 10

Hi woodchip

Go to broadband Advisoor

Left hand column under Topic Zones

  woodchip 16:00 13 Jul 10

I am on TalkTalk 8meg 1.8 miles from Exchange

PCA test Down 6825.95kbps
Up 855.03kbps

BB Max Down 7252kbps
Up 863
You figures make me think that its the rout taken when you run the test that's the problem

  gel 16:11 13 Jul 10

You quote 8 meg and 1.8 miles from exchange

How do I find these details?


  rdave13 16:12 13 Jul 10

Try Use the default server when you hover over the 'begin test' tab, click here See if it's nearer to the thinkbroadband tester (PCA tester).

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