Britishredcross email

  Graham. 21:49 24 Apr 07

A friend has an email from 'britishredcross' that is marked 'contains a virus'. She can't delete it. The alert is not from AVG, I assume at this stage it is being flagged by her ISP, PlusNet.

Anything known, please?

  Technotiger 21:56 24 Apr 07

Hi, is it a genuine email from Br RedCross? Was your friend expecting an email from Br RedCross?

Google shows quite a few Purporting to be such:

click here+'contains+a+virus'%3F

If it cannot be deleted, try a System Restore back to before it was received. If that does not work, try the same again in Safe mode.

  Technotiger 21:59 24 Apr 07

Strange that first link remove the reference to 'virus' ...

click here+'contains+a+virus%40%3F

  Graham. 22:01 24 Apr 07

Not expecting an email. I've just looked at her webmail on the ISP server - the inbox is empty. Strange.

  Graham. 22:02 24 Apr 07

You may have to Tiny that link.

  Technotiger 22:02 24 Apr 07

Stranger still, that one also is not showing what I expected.

Google for

email from British Red Cross marked 'contains a virus'

... will be interesting to see if you get what I did on the Google.

  Graham. 22:11 24 Apr 07

I didn't find anything relevant, just a phishing alert. Could that be what my friend is seeing?

  Technotiger 22:23 24 Apr 07

Wierd, the links I posted above do not show the phishing alert, yet the Page I got the link from does, just as you have seen. The page I saw also had several mentions of the 'attached virus' ...

  Technotiger 22:24 24 Apr 07

Anyway, has your friend tried the System Restore, either direct or in Safe mode?

  Graham. 08:15 25 Apr 07

No, not yet. I want to take a look myself first.

  Graham. 21:08 03 May 07

System Restore did not help. She has forwarded the emails to me. She said the attachments contained foul language, but all I received were small .txt files which read 'you've got them already'.

Does this mean the attachments can only be opened once? This in itself seems suspicious.

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