Bring spare old pc upto date

  stormrider123 27 Aug 11

a few years ago i bought 2 compaqs specs celeron D 3.06ghz ram: 512mb ddr pc2 5300 ati xpress 200 gpu 80gb Hdd

one is now an quad core gaming pc. I want to upgrade the second one for under £150 and heres what i came up with...

motherboard bundle £65 novatech incl celeron dual core e3400 2Gb ram Asus motherboard

and an xfx hd 5570 graphics

it will be used by my son mostly watching some movies and slight games especialy cod 4 will this fit the bill?

  gengiscant 28 Aug 11

Yes it will.

  stormrider123 28 Aug 11

I found i have spare copy of windows 7 64bit lying around if i put another 2gb of ram would i be able to install windows 7 instead of xp which i was planning to use and still get good performance as w7 uses a little more reources e.g then XP

  gengiscant 28 Aug 11

You have given very little to go on, a link to the bundle on Novatech,type speed of ram, what PSU do you have? On paper I cannot see any problems but a tad more detail would help.

  stormrider123 28 Aug 11

Link to Bundle Novatech bundle

I have a 400watt corsair psu

Link to graphics card Novatech GPU

And the 2gb of extra ram il add to the bundle: Novatech Ram

  gengiscant 28 Aug 11

That should be fine, you will probably have to turn the settings down a little on the game but otherwise it looks OK.

  stormrider123 28 Aug 11

Thanks ordered today.


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