breakdown plans

  ellie82 19:22 PM 10 Jan 10

I am attempting to put in place a formal strategy for tackling break downs of pcs on the network. primarily hardware related to start with.

Does anyone have a formal troubleshooting procedure they currently have in place.

for example I have a pc that boots fine and then without warning decides it will switch straight off. Software problems have been ruled out by returning it to factory shipped settings.

A problem such as this could be caused by a number of the components? overheat perhaps? how would you go about tackling this? where would you start?

  Forum Editor 01:00 AM 11 Jan 10

you'll need to supply some more information.

Are all your network machines from the same supplier?

Are they all about the same in terms of hardware and software configurations?

Are they all running the same operating system version?

Are desktop users permitted to make hardware or software configuration changes?

Do you have in-house IT support staff?

How many machines are on the network, and do you have any sub-nets?

What is your file backup procedure?

Provide answers to those questions and I'll be better placed to respond to your question.

  ellie82 16:11 PM 11 Jan 10

Thanks for the response

Yes - All Dell. Mainly vostro, some older dimensions, precisions.

yes pretty much similar.

no not permitted any longer, admin rights restricted.

Only me as in-house, we have an out-source but the idea is for us to cope with it inhouse for cost purposes etc.

75 on the network approx

all sites are backed up. In the main tape. Users all file to servers, so I am not too concerned with file recover, although could be useful just incase. I normally hook HD's up with a usb to IDE/Sata and retrieve anything that way.

thank you.

  Forum Editor 17:28 PM 12 Jan 10

Bear with me while I tackle a small mountain of backlog and I'll respond further.

  Forum Editor 19:51 PM 14 Jan 10

I've been swamped, and your answer can't be rattled out as quickly as some. If you haven't seen a response by Saturday morning give me a prod via email - click on the little yellow envelope next to my name.

  ellie82 09:57 AM 26 Jan 10


Any joy on that response? sorry if you are busy.



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