Bravenet free sites

  steve263000 10:11 28 Nov 06

I have recently had a email from click here to advise me that after a make over was offering five free web sites for self build. You can either use their own domain names, or purchase and use your own. They have a set of templates for free build use.

They seem simple enough to sort out, and for a homepage site they seem easy enough to sort out. What does the forum think of them? Are they worth bothering with? They obviously want to sell you the 'ten site' package, but there is no great pressure to do so. 23:38 28 Nov 06

use a lot of spyware I think.

  ~PC Catastrophe~ 04:06 29 Nov 06

I think bravenet is great. The only drawback is the ad-banners. When you compare it to other freebies that do not have ad-banners, bravenet is worth the banners.

click here

  steve263000 04:32 30 Nov 06

I have had a look at bravenet, and in fact started to make up a trial site just to mess around with. I have never had a problem with spyware, and I have used some of their stuff for years.

As for 'PC Catastrophe's' site, it is overblown with add's, and I would not use B/net for a business site, but that is just me, and if it works for him, good luck.

For a personal homepage or fun site, I think some of their templates are not to bad. If I ever get it finished, then I will post for apraisal. I am not rushing however, as I am rebuilding my other site.

  ~PC Catastrophe~ 20:32 03 Dec 06

Will you guys stop giving me such a hard time about the adds. I am going to pay for the site when I am done with it, so they wont be there. They really do offer a lot, their freebie is better than a lot of paid for hosting. Look at freewebs no adds, but they are terrible. A friend of mine is using them, and 80% of the time his pages arent even there. I actually started out trying a paid for host through my isp, couldnt figure out why things were not working correctly, so I started browsing through the FAQs, they were sending people to bravenet for tools. I went through six hosts before bravenet.

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