Brand new computer asks for password on setup

  TimCDC 09:44 16 Feb 04

I've just taken delivery of a brand new laptop for work, running XP Pro. On first switch on, I followed instructions to assign a computer name, a "friendly name" and a password. I'd like to change this password now, so that its consistent with the general password for logging on to our office network.

I have never been asked to enter this password at initial switch on, or when XP boots.

Trouble is, I can't work out how to change it. It is not a standard password for any of the user accounts in Windows XP. Neither is it acknowledged in the BIOS which shows both the primary and the administrator password disabled. But I know that it must be "in there" somewhere, because (although I can't find it again - ?somewhere in security settings? gpupdate?) I have found the name I gave the computer stored in its memory.

Can anyone tell me (a) what that initial password was for and more importantly (b) how to change it? Thanks!

  hugh-265156 10:24 16 Feb 04
  TimCDC 10:42 16 Feb 04

Followed your link, changed the password. That's great, thanks a lot.

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