Bounce emails?

  Raquelmanny 14:51 21 Apr 04

Hi, when I try to bounce emails I get the following message " failed to bounce this message due to an invalid reurn address" This happens on all emails. Does anyone know why? And is it worth bouncing emails anyway? does it really reduce spam or is it better just to block sender and delete message? Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 14:54 21 Apr 04

No point in bouncing spam emails as they usually contain forged emails, or worse again, some innocent third party address.

Use mailwasher to do just that: wash your mail before it comes into your local machine.

  Old Shep 14:55 21 Apr 04

Most advice on here is not to bounce e.mails. I just block and delete them now.

  Raquelmanny 15:03 21 Apr 04

Thanks guys will give the bouncing a miss then. Thanks

  March Hare 15:11 21 Apr 04

What I don't understand is if Mailwasher can detect an email with a false 'from' address, and refuse to bounce it, why can't the server which sends the mail do the same and delete it at source?

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