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  Miros 09:04 31 May 07

Has anyone tried Bounce Bully advertised in this months PC Advisor, I had always understood that it was not advisable to bounce spam as it signifies to the spam-er your address is an active/legit address. But I got the impression from the 'blurb' about bounce Bully that it used a different method of returning mail so that it would appear as though your address was no longer active.

I did a test sending mail by using my main address to one I seldom use, then Bouncing back it on receipt and all that seemed to happen was that it was deleted. Certainly nothing was returned to my main address.

  MAJ 09:16 31 May 07

Bouncing emails *might* work if there was someone/something on th'other end taking note and saying 'oh goodness me, that address doesn't seem to be active anymore, we wont send spam to that address from now on'. Bouncing emails does not work in reducing the amount of spam you receive.

  Miros 09:25 31 May 07

Guess you right about that but the article would appear to suggest otherwise, did you read it?
It did appeal to my (maybe?) perverse sense of humour to think of some Internet 'toad' somewhere getting all his/her spam bounced back:-)

PS. It wasn't really advertised, a better choice of description would have been it was featured in this months PC Advisor.

  MAJ 09:38 31 May 07

No I haven't read the article yet, Miros, I haven't got my latest issue of PCA yet, will be getting it today, hopefully. I did read the BB site though, the spelling mistake doesn't help to instill any confidence either.

  Miros 10:05 31 May 07

Yes I checked out their web site and noticed their error there :-) Maybe if their native language is not English we could excuse them, since it's a very common mistake even English uses often make. But It did make me wonder had PCA checked this one out thoroughly!

  MAJ 10:36 31 May 07

Agree with you on the 'native language' bit, Miros, didn't think of that. I must read the article later today, see what PCA say about it. The problem is that spammers know about all these 'tricks' and take absolutely no notice of them.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:42 31 May 07

'to think of some Internet 'toad' somewhere getting all his/her spam bounced back:-)'..however in reality, this does not happen. The returns go to the server that they are using and they are then deleted automatically. The address used to send spam will reject anything sent to it so it does not affect the spammer one bit. It is totally pointless in bouncing spam, you can get a free spam filter which will do a good job or, here's a novel method, just delete it. There are more important things in life to fret over.


  Miros 11:00 31 May 07

This is the problem, the piece in the PCA says, and I quote. "Bounce Bully returns spam to it's rightful owner with the message that it tells the spammer your e-mail address is invalid"
This led me to believe they had the technology to get around the scenario you quote.

I really don't fret about spam. I'm untroubled by it though I do receive plenty in at least one address, my basic answer is ePromter click here which I'm sure your aware of, I'm a better judge of what is spam to me than any anti-spam program which I would have to teach anyway, but as I said earlier the idea of it being returned to 'it's rightful owner did appeal to me, and my (maybe) perverse sense of humour.

  Hawy 11:58 31 May 07

Since the “from” address is easily forged, if you send fake bounces you are likely to contribute to a mailbombing against an innocent victim. Spammers don't pay any attention to bounces, real or not, and spammers don't remove addresses from their mailing lists. Fake bounces may also forge the sender as the ISP's postmaster, which is likely to be forbidden by your ISP. Bouncing is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  Miros 12:09 31 May 07

BounceBully would by their 'blurb' would have you believe otherwise, at least that's the way I read it.

Is out of the realms of possibility that technology can't come up with the answer? though it would seem to me that BounceBully don't have the technology yet.

  Miros 12:13 31 May 07

Anyone who hasn't seen the item in this months PCA can get a gist of what this is about by looking at click here

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