Bought a new laptop- help with setup please

  daverstips 14:04 06 Jan 12

Hi so my new MSI custom built laptop just arrived.

The windows 7 home premium disk is separate some assuming it's not already installed. I read that it is highly advised to do a clean install. Does this still apply to me?

Also the main question what is THE BEST anti virus. I don't mind paying.

Is there any other things i should do?

Thanks alot.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:15 06 Jan 12

If your machine is blank the you will be doing a clean install from the DVD.

Load the operating system

Load any drivers (have you got a separate drivers disk?)

With firewall switched on connect to internet and immediately download your antivirus and antimalware AV group test

Disconnect and install AV and antimalware

Once you have the machine setup as you like it do a backup image to an external source.

  robin_x 16:00 06 Jan 12

I'd make backup clones of whatever CD/DVDs were supplied too, to guard against loss and minor scratches.

Also Windows 7 Backup and Restore Center allows creation of a System Repair Boot CD/DVD as well as an Image to a set of DVDs/ext HDD.

  robin_x 16:01 06 Jan 12

Imgburn is your friend for making copies of backup discs

  Strawballs 18:15 06 Jan 12

I like Norton 360 it covers all inc defrag and reg clean which is does in the background when the computer is on idle.


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