Bought new inverter but still not working

  chaztait 18:47 25 Jan 07

Hi i bought a new inverter as i was sure that was wrong with it and others said it might be that in my previous post click here but i have installed the new one and at the start it goes bright when it says VAIO and then when the windows xp loading screen comes up it goes black and you can only just make out whats happingin if you put light to it. What is wrong with it and was the inverter a waste of time and money?



  Totally-braindead 18:54 25 Jan 07

I think reading your previous post that because you said the engineer said it was the invertor that everyone just assummed the same as you. Namely that the guy knew what he was talking about and had the fault correctly diagnosed. Obviously that is not the case.
You say it goes bright at the start, did it do that before with the previous part or was it dark all the time. Have you checked the brightness controls etc?

  chaztait 18:55 25 Jan 07

it done that before but the previous one has a black mark on it as it looks to be burnt out at the socket.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:55 25 Jan 07

You previous post asked where you could get an invertor.

If the screen does NOT LIGHT AT ALL the either invertor or backlight dead.

Yours lights with VAIO sign and therefore there is no hardware fault.

when the windows xp loading screen comes up it goes black
i.e. xp drivers loading
Check you screen settings/ graphics drivers by plugging in an external monitor.

  chaztait 18:57 25 Jan 07

yes it works with external monitor

  chaztait 20:03 25 Jan 07

anyone know what it could be then?

It cant be the backlight, and it cant be the inverter....

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:11 25 Jan 07

yes it works with external monitor

check the graphics card settings are correct for the laptops LCD screen, espeially refresh rate.

  chaztait 20:12 25 Jan 07

how do you do that, and i never touched it, would it change itself?


  chaztait 17:15 28 Jan 07

does anyone know what this can be, i noticed that on the one i bought there is a long black bit on it with a square and a 1 on it and on mines it is a square and a 0. Also there is a chip that looks like a processor and the one i bought it is a little longer than my broken one. On the chip bought it says BA9785FS 112 T64 and on mines it says BA9785A 409 T62.

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