Bought a laptop - need graphical help ;)

  enigmatic319 21:52 27 Aug 11

Hi all, this is my first post & I thought it apt to put it here. I did do a search before I posted; but everything was too - "detailed?"

I bought an Acer Aspire 7530G, & thought my luck was in: - dual core AMD 2.2ghz, 4gb ram, blu - ray player, 17.4 inch screen. Problem is, it comes with a crappy 256MB card.

Is this standard practise to fit this kind of laptop with such crappy graphics? I thought I had a gaming PC for £500 - I thought wrong!

So, I've want to upgrade the graphics card, but I'm met with scorn as everyone says I'm screwed & " you should've paid more attention before you parted with your money, laptop graphics are next to impossible to upgrade, sorry!..." etc etc.

I'd like to make "them" wrong. Any ideas where I start?

  ICF 08:08 28 Aug 11

I'm afraid the advice you have been given is correct.It can be done but is not easy even if you can find the correct hardware. Gaming laptops are a bit more expensive than £500 GeForce 9300M GS info here

  onthelimit1 13:13 28 Aug 11

Most budget laptops have everything built-in to the mobo, so upgrades are virtually impossible.

  enigmatic319 22:54 28 Aug 11

Mmmm, looks like I am screwed! I'll just have to save for a desktop I guess..

  enigmatic319 22:56 28 Aug 11

Well, looks like I am screwed!

I'll just have to save for a desktop..

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