borderless picture printing on epson printer

  conrail 23 Apr 12

using windows 7 64 bit with SP1 with an Epson Stylus Photo R285 I wish to print borderless pictures on 8.5 X 11 size paper, unfortunately I cannot access the borderless option on this size, even Epson East print will not do this for me. I have contacted epsom and their suggestion is 'Click the 'Start' button and then click on 'Devices and Printers'. The Devices and Printers folder will open. The icon for your Epson printer should be visible. Right click on the icon and select 'Printing Preferences' then select the 'Main' tab at the top. You will now have the available paper option settings. Select 'Size' and select 'User Defined' at the bottom of the list to create a custom paper size. Select a memorable name at the top for the 'Paper Size Name' then place a tick in the box stated 'Enable Borderless Printing'. Ensure the paper width is set to 850 and the paper height is set to 1100 under the unit measurements of 0.0.1 Inch. Once complete select 'Save' in the bottom left hand corner. Once complete this will have created a custom borderless paper size for your requirements, select this in the paper size options and then this should resolve the issues experienced'. Unfortunately doing it this way the borderless printing option is still grey out. Can you please advise me on a solution, the pictures do need to be 8.5 x 11 borderless. all help appreciated

  Woolwell 23 Apr 12

What type of paper have you chosen in the box below? Borderless is not usually possible with plain paper.

Are you using Epson branded paper?

In your manual it does not list 8.5 x 11 under the borderless options.

  conrail 23 Apr 12

thanks Woolwell, the paper apperently is supposed to make the photos look & FEEL like paintings, I am trying to do this for a local group, haven't seen the paper yet, I just know that id is 8.5 x 11 and they don't want a border on the prints, manual just says borderless only available on 6 x 8 and 5 x 7 although I can select borderless on A4 epson matt paper

  Woolwell 23 Apr 12

Regrettably Epson's (and other brands) can be a bit fussy about printing on other types of paper.

  ton 23 Apr 12

Try it on an A4 setting that does allow borderless selection.

As it isn't Epson paper you will have to experiment anyway.

A4 paper is 11.7 x 8.3 inches, so it is probably what you have.

  Woolwell 23 Apr 12

8.5 x 11 photo paper is available in USA for some printers. It is not A4 as far as I am aware.

  ton 23 Apr 12

Neither the paper or the printer will work to exact measurements

I believe the tolerance for A4 paper should be + or - 2mm.

As for the printer -- ??

As I said earlier, try the A4 setting.

  conrail 28 May 12

thanks guys, sorry about the delay in responding, been hectic, tried various printing combinations but couldn't get a decent result, other group member with HP printer is trying, many thanks for your help and advice.

  BT 28 May 12

You normally have to select a Glossy paper for the Borderless option to activate


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