BOOTMGR is missing Windows 7

  Simsy 19:45 11 Nov 09


I need some advice/instructions please... I've messed up my working Win 7 installation. Argghhh!

The history is as follows;

Laptop with Vista pre installed, Vista on C partition, data on E partition, (don't know why there wasn't a D partition?)

I resized the partitions, and created a partition between them.
Win 7 was installed to this partition.
At boot up I get a choice between Vista or Win 7. The system boots happily into either.

After a couple of weeks of installing progs/tweaking etc, I conclude I'm happy with Win 7 and decide to get rid of the Vista system to give more disc space back.

I delete the option to boot into Vista via msconfig>boot , from within the Win 7 system.

I reboot and check that all is OK and the computer boots fine straight into Win 7 without giving me a boot option...

Because of that success I decide it's ok to delete the Vista partition, which I do from the Win 7 system, using Paragon Disc Manager, (something I've used lots before).

Now when I reboot I get the following message on a DOS screen;

“BOOTMGR is missing”


I reboot using Paragon bootable CD and make the Win 7 partition “active”. (It may already have been... I'm not sure). I then reboot.

“BOOTMGR is missing” is still there!

I boot from the Win 7 DVD and choose the “repair” option.

“BOOTMGR is missing” is still there!

I boot from the paragon disc again and choose the “boot repairer tool”, (or whatever it's called).

“BOOTMGR is missing” is still there!

What next?

I really don't want to have to do a fresh install again.

Thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 20:54 11 Nov 09

I have tried all the options available at the following microsoft advice page;

click here

What I am now trying is;

Restoring an image of the Vista Partition.
However, this image was made before Win 7 was installed, so I imaging that though it will boot into Vista, I wont have Win 7 available as a boot option... Lets see what happens.

In the meantime, I'd welcome any other advice.




  Simsy 23:10 11 Nov 09

That didn't work!

I'll investigate further tomorrow!



  beeuuem 01:22 12 Nov 09

Try using click here
I have XP and windows 7 as a dual boot, restoring XP with Acronis stopped the boot manager from working but I was able to restore it using this tool.

  Simsy 07:20 12 Nov 09

unfortunately, I can't get the laptop to bootup into anything at the moment...

What I'm about to try is the original Toshiba restore, which should give me a working Vista back on the 1st partition. If that works I'll try what you suggested and see if I can get the Win 7 booted again.

If that does work I'll be back to square one and then I'll have to work out how to delete the Vista partition!




  Procrastinus 09:42 12 Nov 09

I have done this with an XP/Ubuntu installation and fixed it here:

click here

But I do not know if it the same with Win7. Hope it helps.

  Simsy 10:28 12 Nov 09

The toshiba restore has worked, and I now have 3 partitions.

But I can't work out how to use that tool to enable booting from the Win 7 partition.

Could you run by me what you think I should be doing?

Thanks, if you can help,



  beeuuem 14:26 12 Nov 09

I played with it EasyBCD until I got the desired result.
This click here might help.

  Simsy 14:34 12 Nov 09

I've been having a play over the last hour or so, with no joy. Even if I got it working I'd be left with the problem of how to get rid of the Vista partition.
I'm going to cut my losses and start from scratch with reinstall of Win 7!

At least I have all my drivers ready!

Thanks anyway,



  Zeppelyn 14:59 12 Nov 09

Before you delete the Vista partition make sure you have file bootmgr and the folder Boot copied to the root of your Win 7 partition. Then in Disk Management make Win 7 the active partition so when you boot thats where the boot files can be found.

  Simsy 15:12 12 Nov 09

Just too late Zeppelyn.

I've just finished the partitioning/formatting and am about to reinstall!

Thanks anyway.



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