booting windows up

  Dougie168 13:41 13 Sep 06

I'm currently trying to load windows onto an old PC that i've formatted. But after i restarted the PC after it finished formatting with teh CD inside and choosing option 1 (start with CD support), and its does all the PCI scans and what-not, it stops with a DOS screen with the command on the A:/. I try changing the directory to either the E: or F: it just reverts back to A:/. (I used 'chdir E:' and it displays E: but then switches back to A:). Even if I type 'read E:' it displays a message:
"CDR101: Device not ready
Abort, Retry, Fail"
and waits for a command. But either way its not doing what I want!! =p
I've also tried changing the settings on the BIOS setup to start boot up from the CD drive, but as it tries to do so it gives me the same "CDR101" message again. But I do admit that my CD drives are a bit weird (I've got 2 installed) - sometimes it makes the "whirring" noise for a few seconds, then stops completely (i.e. stopped reading?) but if you're lucky the noise keeps going and the PC actually reads from it!
So after all this long explanation I don't know how to go about it!! Please help!!
I could try changing the setting from BIOS again, because thinking back I think I made the mistake of instructing it to read from C: at first ... but besides from this, any suggestions please? All would be much appreciated!! Thanks!

  BurrWalnut 15:22 13 Sep 06

Clean install of WinXP click here

  jimv7 16:19 13 Sep 06

Which os are you trying to install?

  Dougie168 21:17 13 Sep 06

i'm tring to install a chinese version of windows xp.

  woodchip 21:20 13 Sep 06

when it's done disc scan press x

  woodchip 21:22 13 Sep 06

only one drive is clased as the boot drive so try the other drive

  Dougie168 21:30 13 Sep 06

ok, i'll try it tomorrow and i'll let you know how it goes. Thanks!

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