Booting takes 6 or 7 minutes

  nerawan 20:36 03 Aug 07

Hi. I have a friend whose laptop (fujytsi, 512 mb, XP, 9 months old) takes a very long time booting (the same page stays there, just the normal: Press F1 or F2, only that).Also opening programs or my p.c. takes a long time (usually but not always). XP was re-installed 1 week ago although the other partitions remains the same. Any idea?. Thanks

  User-312386 23:59 03 Aug 07

Has your friend installed all the drivers and gone to windows update click here

  smokingbeagle 20:16 04 Aug 07

Check that the Processor cache is enabled in bios. If that doesn't cure the problem,use Bootvis from MS to try and see what the problem may be.

click here

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