Booting Problem(Carrera pc)

  mouseman 17:01 23 Jan 03
  mouseman 17:01 23 Jan 03

(This could be in Consumerwatch: My comp has just been returned today (second time) from Carrera in the following state).

Any suggestions while I wait fot Carrera to respond.

I have just tried to turn it in and it refused to boot. No Beeps
The second time it went straight to Bios Setup with the message 'the cpu speed has been set to an incorrect setting'
When trying to navigate in Bios the machine crashes.
I have tried this 4 times with the same result

The pc is:- AthlonXp2100 (1733Mhz)

  AndySD 17:04 23 Jan 03

Can you get into the bios and reset it to Default?

  mouseman 17:27 23 Jan 03

There are 3 options for cpu speed
Manual, 1300,1733, 2167.
It is set at 1733 as it supposed to be

  mouseman 18:15 23 Jan 03

Ive tried it at 1300mhz.
Mostly it just crashes there and then without even saving settings.
Only once did it start at 1300mhz and in safe mode but mouse wouldnt work.

Any other suggestions?

  mouseman 18:27 23 Jan 03


  bof:) 20:14 23 Jan 03

hi mouseman,

what was the original problem that PC was sent back for?

are you sure its got the same CPU as before in it?


  mouseman 20:33 23 Jan 03

It was sent back because it kept crashing. After several attempts at refomatting it wouldnt get past POST. (Hdd light always on)

On day of return it was crashing even more then eventually would not even get to POST (No beeps)
(Arrived back with new Hdd, Hdd light never on, missing chassis fan)

Returned again today, straight to Bios then crashes! (Arrived back with new Ram Module chassis fan put back and Hdd light always on)

I have no idea about cpu.

  mouseman 18:16 24 Jan 03

anything else??

  bof:) 15:18 25 Jan 03


  mouseman 15:25 25 Jan 03

Hello bof

Same as above.
Ive tried again to change to 1300mhz but the system just crashes there and then in the submenu

(Tech support from Repairline called while I was out. You can follow other posting about getting through to them)

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