bootcfg /list has 5 entries

  andrewmahoney 23:04 31 Jul 05

im trying to delete four of the five entries that i have created by mistake whilst trying to rebuild my boot not sure of the command line to enter,so i would appreciate any help out there ! thanks andy.

  AndySD 23:38 31 Jul 05

What operating System or systems do you have on the pc?

  andrewmahoney 23:52 31 Jul 05

i have xp home edition,i have deleted all my other systems,but i am left with a message saying system32\hal.dll is missing please reinstall.this is how i ended up with 5 entries.i still have the missing system32 prodlem,andd i was wondering if deleting these entries would help me.if you can help thanks,i will check back tomorrow.

  AndySD 00:08 01 Aug 05

Ok Do you have the full XP CD?

If so then go into the Recovery Console click here when you get to the command prompt type in


and hit enter. This will scan the pc and let you choose what operating system to log in the Boot.ini file.

  andrewmahoney 08:42 01 Aug 05

thanks for that andy,i have the cd and have done bootcfg but when i enter bootcfg /list i get 5 entries,from my previous attempts.i cant see on that web site any mention of how to delete the 4 i dont want.ithink the line should be something like this...

c:\windows>delete /bootcfg /no[5]

i only have 1 partition active now,all other entrys are unpartitioned space.
any help is appreciatde.thanks.andy.m

  Eric10 09:28 01 Aug 05

Type bootcfg /? at the command prompt and you will get help on all options for the command including Delete.

  andrewmahoney 21:34 01 Aug 05

thanks eric i have tryed that,but out of all the options there is no delete option.any other help please!!
thanks andy.m

  andrewmahoney 23:38 01 Aug 05

i have just been on a site,that gave me this,

bootcfg /delete/id# where # is the number of the entry you want to delete.
the problem is that the delete command is not available when i type bootcfg /? so it will not work.any ideas anyone pleasea?
thanks andy m

  andrewmahoney 01:39 02 Aug 05

any one out there,please help if you can,where has my bootcfg/delete/.....gone?

  Eric10 08:02 02 Aug 05

I've re-read your earlier posts and am left unsure whether you can get into Windows or not. From a test I've just done with my own WinXP CD you are quite right that the delete option for bootcfg isn't available from the recovery console. It is available from a command prompt inside Windows however. If the missing dll is preventing Windows from loading then I don't think that removing the extra entries will help you with this.

  Eric10 08:20 02 Aug 05

Have just seen this from Kelly's Korner and hal.dll error does indeed seem to be linked with the boot.ini file? click here

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