Bootable usb sticks

  Jollyjohn 10:17 08 Nov 09


Does anyone know which ones can be made bootable?

I have an Easydisk -128mb - that can be made bootable but it's a bit small.
I also have a Verbatim 4gb - but I cant seem to make it bootable.

Before I buy a new usb stick I thought I would ask if anyone knows which one to get?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:32 08 Nov 09

They can all be made bootable

1. The PC has to support booting from a USB flash drive. There may be anywhere from 1-3 items to change in the BIOS to make this possible assuming your BIOS supports it. Some bios's may refer to your flash drive as a USB floppy or USB zip. Of course there are exceptions, perhaps some are covered here.
2. The flash drive must contain the boot/system files.
3. The flash drive must have bootsector area. This is done with special utilities.
4. References to "A:" drive lines in the autoexec.bat and/or config.sys files you copy to the drive after you make it bootable may result in errors.

  Peter 11:31 08 Nov 09


I came across this problem with my Advent 4211 Netbook. I was able to make a bootable Acronis Disk Image USB Drive with a 128 Meg drive, but found that I could not do so with a 512 Meg drive that I wanted to use as a bootable drive for Acronis Disk Director Suite. I overcame the problem by partitioning the 512 Meg drive so that only 100 Meg showed.

You may be able to partition your 4GB drive to make a bootable 100 Meg (approx) drive and another partition with the rest of the drive capacity, but I don't know if this will work as I haven't tried it.


  Jollyjohn 12:14 08 Nov 09

Thanks for the quick replies - I will experiment over the next couple of days and report back.

  Jollyjohn 17:20 08 Nov 09

OK after a couple of hours of experimentation I can get the 128mb stick bootable no problem using hp usb formatter.
I succesfully created a BartPE iso on the Verbatim stick - not recognised by computer on reboot.
I then createda 128mb partition on the Verbatim stick - used hp usb formatter - no joy - stick still not recognised - will try and catch the actual message on the post screen.

So back to my original question - whats the best usb stick to get to make bootable?

  rdave13 17:28 08 Nov 09

It may be your PC doesn't support booting from USB.

  Jollyjohn 17:34 08 Nov 09

Yes my pc supports booting from usb as I can boot from the 128mb stick - to a W98 DOS prompt.

swap to the Verbatim stick -128mb partition - same format as other stick - reboot - no joy ignores the usb device and continues to boot from hdd.

  rdave13 17:53 08 Nov 09

Some clues here? click here
Google shows nearly the same for Vista and W7 in NTFS format.

  Jollyjohn 11:11 09 Nov 09


Thanks for the replies.
Reading the article it appears it can be a bit random as to which sticks will boot.

I will mark this as resolved and start playing with DSL for the 128mb stick.

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