Bootable CD

I have a program which I want to burn to a CD that will automatically start loading when I put it in the CD drive. How do I do this and what do I burn it as? I have Nero 7. Thanks.

  MAJ 15:55 25 Mar 07

Try using an Autorun.inf file, which is explained if you click here

  Terry Brown 16:06 25 Mar 07

As you are using Nero 7, make sure you select the ISO option, otherwise the autorun run function will not work

So I don't have to do MAJs suggestion. ISO within Nero will do it for me will it?


  thms 19:15 25 Mar 07

You will still need to use MAJs suggestion.
Though will need to burn it as iso in nero.

I am a little confused (been away). I have downloaded as MAJ suggested and followed instructions. I burnt as an ISO using Nero but nothing happens when I put CD in.

The folder containing the program I want to autorun consists of the following:- setup.exe, a read me text file, an sfv file and the autorun file I made (textfile with a cog thing on it)!. What am I missing or doing wrong please?

I have tried burning as both a data and a ISO with Nero to no avail.

  MAJ 19:56 06 Apr 07

Sorry [email protected], I missed your posts.

Create an Autorun.inf file. If it's a program you want to launch, then it's much easier, e.g.

Open Notepad and type this in:


Go to 'Save As', select 'All Files' (rather than .txt), call it Autorun.inf and save it to your desktop. Open Nero, choose the 'data CD' option, add the Autorun.inf file and your program exe to Nero, then burn both to the CD. That's it, when finished, the program "Advisor.exe" in my example (yours will be a different exe file) should kick off.

  MAJ 19:59 06 Apr 07

the 'advisor.exe' I used was only an example, use the name of [your program].exe.

But have I not done that already with that program u suggested?

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