boot sequence

  Donny Brasco 16:50 08 Mar 03

I've partitioned my drive using ME on one and W2K (NTFS) on the other, the problem is on boot up it gives a highlighted choice of which OS I want to boot into. if i'm not at my work station it chooses W2K being the top of the list, how can I change the sequence to choose the other by timed out default???

  Diemmess 17:04 08 Mar 03

Probably a rubbish answer...but remebering the old Windows 3.1 and MSDOS days, there was a similar option in the autoexec and config files.

If such magic writing exists on your computer, the answer lies in juggling the lines around a bit in those files.

  tony1160 17:10 08 Mar 03

ok-i have a triple boot 98se/2000/xp pro
all you need to do is right click on your my comp-icon and choice properties, then advanced and you will see 3 options ,one being start up .click start up and top option will list yours first o/s
and proberly 30 secs time out click drop down arrow and select your other o/s

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