Boot Sector Format

  SABRE 09:03 12 Aug 04

PC started to have all sorts of probs. so decided to re-format hard disk. Have spent hours doing it as every time I do it all sorts of viruses and other undesirable messages pop out of the woodwork. I think these must be hidden in the boot sector and after formatting, find their way into the new Windows (XP) setup.

Is there a way of formatting/cleaning the boot sector so that when I reformat it is from a totally clean hard drive?

I do set virus checkers to check the boot sector but they don’t seem to stop the problem re-occurring.

  xania 09:32 12 Aug 04

Bot into DOS using a bootable floppy known to be infection free. Then use the command FDISK /MBR to rewrite the Master Boot Record. See click here

  SABRE 09:39 12 Aug 04

....but excuse my ignorance,
1 How do I creat a bootable floppy?

2 How do I get into DOS?

3 If there are viruses in the boot sector, will thi get rid of 'em?

hope you can help.

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