boot record

  Tree3 19:21 31 Oct 03

how can i look at the boot record to change it because i uninstalled linux and it still came up with the linux boot screen i now use windows 98 and cant find the boot record

  graham√ 19:28 31 Oct 03

When does the Linux screen come up, after '98 has started?

  Tree3 15:13 01 Nov 03

but when i boot it comes up with the linux booot screen then i have to select the windows option before it boots linux with an error

  dth 15:24 01 Nov 03

I suspect that when you set up Linux you selected one of the boot options (using Grub or Lilo). This sets up the loading options in what is called the MBR (master boot record) - at the start of your hard disc.

To get rid of it you need to type in a MSDOS window

fdisk /mbr

This will clear your mbr and Windows will start up as before.

This is quite straightforward to do and hardly ever causes any problems - but as always with these things it is best that you make a full backup of all your data just in case.

  Tree3 19:45 01 Nov 03

thanks i will try that tommorow

  woodchip 19:48 01 Nov 03

Start your computer with the Win98 floppy disc at A:\> type FDISK\MBR and press enter that will clear it

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