Boot up problems with version ME

  Jasper1973 16:18 17 Nov 05

On boot up i am encuring registry problems and i have to select whether to run in normal mode or safe mode.
Whichever i choose the screen becomes blank and i am unable to proceed or do anything.
This is not my PC but the owner assures me that everything was working fine the day before and it did not do anything unusual when it was last logged in.
Any ideas please!

  alan227 16:32 17 Nov 05

Have you tried using the F8 key at start up to access safe mode?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:09 17 Nov 05

Start your computer by using the Windows Me Startup disk.

At the Startup menu, choose Minimum Boot.
At the command prompt, type edit c:\windows\system.ini, and then press ENTER.
Edit the shell= line so that it looks like this:
Press ALT+F, and then press S to save the changes to the System.ini file.
Press ALT+F, and then press X.

Remove your Windows Me Startup disk, and then restart your computer. When your computer restarts, Program Manager should start.

If Program Manager does not start, repeat steps
1-7, being careful to follow these steps exactly, and then continue to the next step.
On the File menu, click Run, type msconfig in the Command Line box, and then press ENTER.
Click Launch System Restore to begin restoring your computer to a previous, functional state.
NOTE: After you configure your computer to start Program Manager, you can start the System Restore tool by typing c:\windows\system\restore\rstrui.exe at a command prompt, and then pressing ENTER.

  sattman 21:02 17 Nov 05

In this situation as you can get to safe mode you could do a system restore.

  sattman 21:10 17 Nov 05

Ignore previous

  Jasper1973 11:53 22 Nov 05

I have done as Fruit Bat suggests and it is warning us that we will loose all the files on the hard drive and therefore to create a back up.
As we cannot boot the machine in either Normal or Safe modes due to registry problems I am not sure if this is possible.
Any advise please on how I may be able to back up the files before the install?

  Sharpamatt 13:01 22 Nov 05

Ive seen this when a system was incorrectley shut down, starting in safe mode normally sorts it, but as you cant get in its reinstall

As for backing up drive, if you have another system have you tried putting it in that as second drive and saving your files before trying other options which may loose the lot.

  sattman 14:17 22 Nov 05

Can you get into safe mode using the start up disk.

If you are able to do this then you should be able to do a system restore from here.

Also from run you could use "scanreg \restore"

  Jasper1973 14:36 22 Nov 05

When I start up in safe mode I end up with a blank screen abd unable to do anything except alt-ctrl-del to re-boot.

  sattman 18:52 22 Nov 05

Is any of these tips of use

click here

  Jasper1973 15:40 23 Nov 05

To be honest I have managed to get a secondery hard drive from a colleague so I am going to try and slave the old one, master the 2nd one and try to retrieve the files I want using that, then I will re-install the ME start up disk.
All aboev tips have been helpful and I may well still need them once I have tried to recover the files I want.

Cheers to everyone.

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