Boot Up Problems - PC Freezing

  Jasper1973 11:20 06 May 09

Hi, My PC is freezing when booting up. It gets to the log in screen fine, bit then it sometimes freezes immediatly after entering my credentials leaving the "loading settings" screen, but sometimes it gets to the desktop background, with no icons, but goes no further. I am able to load into Safemode but need some advice on what I should be checking or any checks I could run.
I am running XP Media Edition.

  birdface 11:26 06 May 09

Maybe a system restore in safe mode to when it was working ok.

  woodchip 11:28 06 May 09

Try doing a System Restore in Safe Mode go to Start\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Restore look for a old and Bold Date in the Calender

  User-1229748 11:32 06 May 09

what pc is it and how much memory?have you done any updates or installed any programs that may be causing this to happen?could also check for spyware and the like.

  Jasper1973 11:35 06 May 09

Thanks guys.
Would I need to back up any files before doing a system restore?

I will need to give you further details of my PC later as I am at work (shhhh, dont tell the boss!) due to my problems.


  User-1229748 11:36 06 May 09

also are there any beeps when starting up ?

  Jasper1973 11:39 06 May 09

No beeps out of the ordinary as far as I can hear.
Any recommendations re Spyware software?

  User-1229748 11:43 06 May 09

malwarebytes and superantispyware are good anti spyware programs both can be found click here

  woodchip 11:48 06 May 09

back up any files before doing a system restore?

Should not need to

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