boot up problems

  jarani 19:13 04 Nov 08

I have been having problems with the boot up of windows xp sp2 which takes 20 minutes or fails totally

I suspect it is the priority boot up sequence in BIOS that is messed up, with a number of options available for selection, some secondary options

does anyone know what the settings should be please ?

  skidzy 19:20 04 Nov 08

Change the boot order to

1) HDD
3) USB
4) Floppy

depending on your bios and motherboard and if you have a floppy drive fitted,the bottom two may not apply.

If you wish to boot from cd/dvd,make that the first boot device and hdd second.

Remember to F10 to save and exit once any bios changes have been made.

  jarani 20:14 04 Nov 08

skidzy - many thanks - my settings now are :

Advanced BIOS features -
Hyper-treading function enabled
Quick Boot enabled
Boot to OS/2 enabled
Boot sequence enter

Boot sequence -
HD Boot priority enabled
1st Boot device HD
2nd Boot device CD ROM
3rd Boot device HD
Boot from other devices enabled

HD Boot priority -
Ch2 M: WDC WD2500JD 00HBB0 enabled
Bootable Add-in Cards disabled

I hope this will work - any comments ?

  skidzy 20:41 04 Nov 08

If further problems,come back to us in this thread.

  jarani 23:59 05 Nov 08

skidzy - the WinXP seems to boot up now
going through the visible loading process
but then at the end the screen goes blank
and remains so for an hour at least at the latest attempt could not start it

in the past the screen went live
displaying the desktop icons
after consistent 25 minutes on repeated attempts
and the PC was operational not so now as per 1st paragraph

I don't know if WinXP loads or aborts after time
I have spent over a week now trying to make it work

I can make it start "normally" time wise by booting through BIOS and selecting "normal" option

  skidzy 16:28 06 Nov 08

It maybe something blocking the startup;

Once into windows,try;

Start / run and type MSCONFIG and enter.

Under General and select Normal startup,apply and ok.Reboot the computer.

If this does not help,use the selective startup and then goto Startup in MSCONFIG and untick anything that is not needed to run from startup,such as burning apps/Java/Adobe etc...apply and ok-reboot the computer.

Leave your Antivirus and Firewall alone in MSCONFIG and any realtime antispyware scanner,these are best left ticked.

  jarani 23:16 07 Nov 08

skidzy - I am still struggling
if I restart within a short time it reboots OK
if I leave it for a while it refuses to reboot

currently I am trying with selective settings
ie 4th down from General setting in MSCONFIG
see how we go

in the meantime I reloaded WinXP to no avail
ditto with resetting to original as new PC
and your other options - nothing works
it must have something enabled or not that I cannot find

the only way to start reliably
BIOS - F10 - restart - yes - success

  DieSse 23:20 07 Nov 08

"Boot to OS/2 enabled"

!! - definitely not (unless you're using OS/2 - which I assume you're not.)

  DieSse 23:22 07 Nov 08

In fact I know you're not - you said XP.

  DieSse 23:25 07 Nov 08

"if I restart within a short time it reboots OK
if I leave it for a while it refuses to reboot"

That sounds more like a hardware issue - something when cold not starting up fast enough - like a PSU, or a plug-in card.

My graphics card did this to me recently - replaced it - all fine afterwards.

  jarani 12:27 08 Nov 08

DieSse - I disabled OS/2 some time ago
after reading the side notes in BIOS - thank you

interesting comments on hardware
how can you judge which bit of it is playing up ?

I think not PSU - no other start up problems
it switches on and runs OK

not easy to check all other cards
my PC is 4 yrs old and out of warranty
I have now spent the best part of 2 weeks on this problem and about to give up

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