boot up problems

  MorningBard 10:28 04 Sep 05

I'm having trouble getting pc to start. When I first boot up it comes up Press Home> key to boot from local drive . That screen goes off and I get this come up


Boot Failure
insert boot diskette in A
press any key when ready

I'm running WinXP sp2 I don't have a boot diskette only one for win 98se. I have tried to install dos and fdisk but tells me no hard drive present. Have also tried to install Win 2000 using diskettes and cd but tells me after taking a long time to format that it cant be formatted. I Have also tried with a spare hard drive but get same results. Also tried getting into set up at start up but cannot access it. Any suggestions apart from buy a new pc .lol

  AndySD 11:00 04 Sep 05

Sounds like a bios problem.
Try checing the boot order in the bios and make sure the Hard Disk is first ot second and that LAN boot is not included in the boot order list.

How old is the PC? (it may be the motherboard battery)

How many Hard Drives do you have?

What make/model is the Hard Drive (and is it SATA)?

Finnally or perhaps first check there are no CD's in the drives.

  AndySD 11:08 04 Sep 05

Ooops didnt take in the whole post.

Try changing the Morherboard (CMOS) Battery (try a chemist or pc shop and although odd some garages sell compattable battries) click here

  MorningBard 11:18 04 Sep 05

Only have 1 hard drive is 16 months old and a Maxtor diamondmax+9 80gb not SATA
MB cpu about 4 years old

standard cmos setup only shows cdrom as sec master and floppy drive nothing else installed

  Number 7 12:15 04 Sep 05

Thread with a similar problem and a solution click here

Thread that gives the same error you get click here=

  AndySD 12:18 04 Sep 05

Check the IDE cables are ot loose and if you can change the Hard Drive Cable.

  AndySD 12:19 04 Sep 05

Also try adding the Hard Drive to the cable with the cd attached. (make sure the cd drive jumper is set to slave.)

  MorningBard 13:27 04 Sep 05

managed to get hdd regonised by BIOS with auto detect have deleted partition and at 20% formating now but have done this bit before so time will tell ..will keep you informed ..,thanks for all help so far

  MorningBard 10:00 12 Nov 05

sorry late in resolving this but thanks for help all ok now

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