Boot Problems

  Y2K_Phil 21:02 03 Oct 04

I have set up my PC using Win98 and the C:\ and Win2000 on the E:\. Unfortunatly the Win98 stopped working so I reinstalled this partition I went to then re-setup the boot.ini file and it wont work. I then tried to run the BOOTFIX from the recovery console and when it rebooted it came back saying "Missing of bad NTLRD".

Any help would be great because this is driving me mad


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:15 03 Oct 04
  Y2K_Phil 20:34 06 Oct 04

Cheers Fruit Bat this got me back into windows but know when I try to log in it throughs me staight back to the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen and the process repears.

Any ideas

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