Boot Problem - Help Please

  Sky Gazer. 01:07 22 Sep 05

I've got rid of about-blank & spyware - PC is now clean. Have Windows XP, Service Pack 2, Adaware SE Personal,Spybot,Spydoctor & Norton Internet Security 2005.
Since removing about-blank & spyware PC powers and boots up around the same time each day by itself - I have checked power settings and hibernation is not enabled - what can I do?
The PC is plugged into a surge protect board along with the phone line and cordless phone bas e unit so unit is switched on all the time so can use cordless phone - not had this problem with PC before. Any advice?

  Thalmus 02:46 22 Sep 05

It could be a feature of your motherboard or network card called WOL (wakeup on LAN), meaning that your computer can be turned on from a packet sent to it over a network or internet.

Check your BIOS and see if it there, if it is disable it.

  Sky Gazer. 03:08 22 Sep 05

I'm not too experienced in these things - how would I check the BIOS? thanks

  281apple 07:01 22 Sep 05

If you know nothing about BIOS, I would suggest you not play with it cause you could do more harm than good. Get someone who knows BIOS to do it. Or read a book or takee a training course.

  User-312386 08:53 22 Sep 05

Start the computer and immediately start tapping the DELETE key

you will now be in the BIOS

As Thalmus has said, look in the Features and disable WOL (wakeup on lan)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:02 22 Sep 05

BIOS Settings
click here

  Sky Gazer. 12:51 22 Sep 05

Thanks for the responses - I'm going to read up on BIOS and get WOL disabled - if I'm still unsure I'll see if I can get a more in the know friend to help - thanks again -

  Sky Gazer. 04:23 17 Oct 05

Took the advice here - did some reading - got into BIOS and disabled WOL. Problem now solved. Thanks everyone.

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