Boot pRoblem

  Al27 13:21 26 Feb 03

Just got given a pc, windows 98SE,network card inside. When I try to start it it shows the following DHCP MAC ADDR:00C04F06AB61 and then on the next line it just hangs by going

Any help on problem would be appreciated

  powerless 13:26 26 Feb 03

Do you need the network card? If not remove it.

  Al27 13:39 26 Feb 03

yes need network card, have hooked up four of the same computers to ethernet LAN no probs, except for this one. Heeelppp!!!!

  Al27 14:18 26 Feb 03


  Al27 14:51 26 Feb 03

any help, if i take the network cable out while booting, it boots up no problem, and then put the cable back in I can access the internet. Any idea why it is hanging the network card seems to function great if i do as above, but the system doesn't boot if I leave the cable in during connection????

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