Boot up problem

  onlyme 01:40 05 Feb 05

Any suggestions welcome on this problem.

I have a desktop system which after closing as normal, refuses to boot.

The monitor works,via my notebook,the system starts,all drives (3+theHDD)start,but the HDD keeps running with no visual output and the internal "speaker" sounds like a strangulated parrot.

Is it possible that a defunct "speaker" can prevent boot up? or is it an hard disk failure?

Any suggestions will be well received.


  wossie 02:10 05 Feb 05

Normally when your PC beeps once on boot up, if you are getting a lot of beeps it could be faulty memory or your graphics card is not seated properly. Also when it is running, defragment the C drive, and go: Start/Run/msconfig/Startup and see what programs are running in the background. Too many progs. running at once in the system tray (bottom r/h screen) will slow down bootup. A lot of things can cause your problem, these are some of the ways I have solved similar probs. Have fun.

  User-312386 02:11 05 Feb 05

could we have your system specs please

  onlyme 03:18 05 Feb 05

I just know it must be something quite obvious but i can not think what it is.

  User-312386 03:20 05 Feb 05

I would like your operating system please (windows xp/se/me?)

  onlyme 03:32 05 Feb 05

The os is Win XP Home
The system is an Athlon XP1800 with 256 mb ram and a 40gb HDD. The video is an ATI Radeon 9000 pro (AGP 8x0).The motherboard is a Triton KT400.

  onlyme 01:57 06 Feb 05

System is Athlon XP1800 256mb + 40gb HDD & 8x Radeon 9000 pro AGP.Main board is Triton KT400

I have replaced HDD with one which I know is functional - result: no change

The internal speaker still sounds like a stangulated parrot.

All cooling fans are functioning.

Is it a CPU failure? or,is it the grahics card?

or is it this "infernal" speaker?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


  Dorsai 08:00 06 Feb 05

Hi Onlyme, Does anything click here look like it accuratly describes the beeps you are getting.

(I had a look for 'strangled parrot' but could not find it. Perhaps you will have more luck. :lol:)

  onlyme 19:19 06 Feb 05

I have looked at the site you suggested and although my "beep" is not described I think you may have given me the answer (-possibly-).

Fingers crossed,

Many thanks, Martin.

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