Boot mountable volume failure, can't get to recovery console to fix!

  pcmuppet 07 Jul 11

My friends Dell Dimension PC was swithced off from the mains accidentally and will now not boot, BIOS is fine and BSOD appears with the boot mountable volume failure. I've tried last known good config, safe mode etc all to no avail.

I used the dell recovery / windows XP desk to boot the PC to try and get to the recovery console to run chkdsk, fix /mbr etc but can't get that far.

The PC boots ok and auto runs windows set up to load drivers etc, however once this has been completed the BSOD appears before you get the chance to select r to get to the recovery console.

Is there any other way to access it or to get a command prompt up?

Thanks for your help!

  onthelimit1 07 Jul 11

Had unmountable boot loads of times, but has always got as far as the Recovery Consol (from there, chkdsk followed by fixboot usually works). I see no reason for the BSOD to appear when it does, as the PC is out of the normal boot routine. I shall think about it!

  pcmuppet 07 Jul 11

Thanks onthelimit1,let me know if you come up with anything. Appreciate your time.

  Strawballs 07 Jul 11

Any idea what make of hard drive?

  onthelimit1 07 Jul 11

Is the XP disk the full blown thing, or just the Dell recovery version?

  pcmuppet 07 Jul 11

I will need to check on the hard drive make, I have run the HDD diagnostics which reported no errors.

I have both the dell recovery version and an XP disc both end with the BSOD.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 07 Jul 11

Download burn and run Hirens boot CD" target="_blank">"> on your bad machine

then run fix /mbr from a command prompt

  pcmuppet 08 Jul 11

Thanks Fruitbat, I can now get the PC to boot and can successfully load mini windows XP from the Hiren CD.

However when trying to run fix /mbr or chkdsk I get a msg that the volume is write protected. I'm assuming I need to get full admin rights somehow?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08 Jul 11

Use Diskpart

To clear the read-only attribute for the selected disk, type: ATTRIBUTES DISK CLEAR READONLY

  pcmuppet 08 Jul 11

Thanks Fruitbat, think I should be able to fix it from here, appreciate your help.


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