Boot up fault

  Goringboy 15:34 26 Jul 03

Frequently when booting up I get to the clear blue screen but with a row of verticle dashes approx ¼ along the top of the screen. There the process hangs up and another attempt ( usually successful ) has to be made. Any ideas please??

  bof:) 23:24 26 Jul 03

HI Goringoy,

I've seen this mentioned a few times on here. I think its a graphics card fault. You need to uninstall your graphics card drivers and reinstall them again.

Or reseat your graphics card.

I'll shunt this post back to the top of list and see if someone with more PC skills agree's or puts me right.

Hang back until my ideas confirmed or corrected because I'm not 100% sure.

Also try using the search option on this site.


  bof:) 23:25 26 Jul 03


  bof:) 12:46 27 Jul 03

Just had a thought it may also be a memory fault. Check that your memory is also seated properly.

Are you getting anyother 'beeps' at startup of your pc?

Also if you have more than 1 memory stick in your pc, it may be worth trying taking 1 stick out (after taking precautions for static, make sure pc is turned off and unplugged and then use earthing strip etc).

Try removing 1 stick at a time if it doesnt work with the 1st stick swop it over with the other/s also try differnt sticks in different sockets.


There's more detail on this site if you use the search option.

  bof:) 15:22 28 Jul 03

Thanks for the email, I've just done a quick peep ant the search option and found 26 posts about monitor problems. Some of them suggest trying another monitor on your pc if possible.


  bof:) 00:30 30 Jul 03

Hi Goringboy,

how was problem finally solved? If you post answer here then others with the same problem will know what to do.

Did the guy at the shop mention what he/she'd done?


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