Boot failure & unusual shutdown freeze

  frybluff 12 May 12

System (Win7 64bit) failed to boot. "Windows failed to start" message. Used utilities disk to run hardware diagnostics. No fault found. Restored using Acronis, going back couple of days, to hopefully pre-date any possible virus (had done scan around then). System up & running OK. Ran full malwarebytes scan, to be sure I had pre-dated anything nasty. Then I thought I should re-boot, to make sure it would.

I then got the following message, that I've not previously seen. "Operation in progress. Please wait. System will turn off automatically after operation is complete".

After an hour, it still said the same thing. After another hour, I gave up and forced shutdown. I restarted in safe mode. No problem. Restarted normally. No problem.

All appears to be OK, but can't help thinking something is waiting, in the wings, to jump up and bite me.

Is there diagnostic, I can run, or anything else, to either find a hidden issue, or reduce the risk?

Many thanks.

  KRONOS the First 12 May 12

Is there any info/clue in Event Viewer?

  frybluff 12 May 12


Glad you mentioned that as, to be honest, was not previously aware of "event viewer".

The only "events" logged, seem to relate to the Operation in progress "freeze". One with a time around the message first appearing, the other, when I forced shutdown. BOTH are given the same ID (41), and both given same Task (63). Both are described as "rebooted, without clean shutdown". The second, I suppose, is understandable. The first may be why message appeared to "freeze" forever. There was no "event" aound or prior to boot failure.

System booted up fine, this am, but expression "false sense of security" springs to mind.

  KRONOS the First 12 May 12

Might be something here that will help point you in the right direction. Google


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