Boot failure

  HondaMan 11:03 11 Oct 07

G'morning all.

My newly built PC is now failing to boot. When I switch on, I get a single beep, then the MoBo flash screen comes up with manufacturers logo and then it hangs, and hangs. HDD and power lights are on. Cannot enter setup, boot option, or anything else. Worked fine for a few dats after building it.

Any ideas please?

  martjc 11:07 11 Oct 07

...Faulty HDD controller. Power supply. Faulty bios. Memory failed. Give as many details as you can and we'll try our best to help!

  thms 11:11 11 Oct 07

First check all connections.

Try removing and reseating graphics card.

If you have more than one stick of memory remove one and re-boot. If this doen't help replace with other stick and try again.

Trying each stick individualy will eliminate possible faulty ram.

  thms 11:15 11 Oct 07

Forgot try and reset bios. This can be done by a jumper setting (refer to your mobo manual) or remove battery for a few minutes.

Remember to remove power first though.

  HondaMan 11:51 11 Oct 07

All connections checked. BIOS reset
Graphics card removed and replaced
Only things connected 1.HDD1, 2.Graphics, 3.KB & Mouse.

I think graphics must be OK as MoBo m'facturers logo appears OK.

MoBo is ASUS P5N32-E SLI with 2 GB ram and Intel Q6600 quad chip

  martjc 11:58 11 Oct 07

...if you have two one meg sticks of ram, take one out and start pc. If it works try the other stick on its own. This way we eliminate memory problems.
If you've only a single 2GB stick, do you have another you could use to check?

  HondaMan 15:05 11 Oct 07

OJK. Thanks for the help and suggestions.

The fault turned out to be a USB device somewhere down the line. Disconnected that and Bingo! the system boots just fine.

Just goes to show that when something doesn't work, take the system back to the absolute minimum and build it up again!

  martjc 15:13 11 Oct 07

...why not mark the thread as resolved?

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