boot up failure

  sputnick 11:38 11 Apr 04

I have an occassional anoying problem that sometimes happens on first boot.
The system stops and I get the message
"CMOS/GPNV checksum bad
F1 to enter setup
F2 to reset defaults."

I have to enter bios setup and reset to my prefered settings, ie. proccesor speed, disable onboard sound and graphics, time and date etc.
I have Amibios info etc. Will updating bios be of any use, I`m a bit concerned about doing this.
Any suggestions please.

  ened 11:52 11 Apr 04

If you are losing your BIOS settings it sounds like the Battery.

  anon1 12:22 11 Apr 04

It could be simply the battery but you may also have a virus. You do not mention what version of windows or whether you are using any antivirus software etc. You could do a free scan here click here

  sputnick 15:57 11 Apr 04

I`ve replaced the CMOS battery as was the first thing I suspected, although it only happens occassionally it is most anoying if I`m in a hurry.
I am using Win 98se.and PCcillin virus prog.and have regular updates.
It would be useful to be able to save my settings as default.

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