Boot disk needed?

  waydekirrane 10:26 22 Jan 04

I'm not sure what i did to my home computer but when i tried to turn it on yesterday it constantly asked for a boot disk from drive A: This message keeps bleeping till i turn the computer off. where do i get a boot disk from and once i can get into XP Pro can i resolve this problem

thanks for looking


  smegs 10:27 22 Jan 04
  waydekirrane 10:36 22 Jan 04

do i click on this on my desktop and then it will create a boot disk on the A drive. it's just i'm at work and don't want to mess up my work computer!!

  smegs 10:43 22 Jan 04

Sorry waydekirrane, I don't know what U mean. If Ur at work, then I would leave it till I got home, so U can download then save to dick. Is that what U mean?

  smegs 10:44 22 Jan 04

So SORRY, that should be DISK!!!! :-(((

  waydekirrane 10:48 22 Jan 04

ooo er!! that's the problem. i can't start my home computer as it asks for boot disk. i wanted to make this disk at work then bring it home. the file i have downloaded click here is an exe file. i was just wondering exactly what this does! i don't want to click on it if i'm not sure. i think it creates a boot disc on the floppy but don't want to risk messing up work computer!!

  smegs 10:48 22 Jan 04

I've just downloaded the Boot DISK, opened the folder and it's come up with a screen telling me I will need 6 floppy disks to create the start up disk.

  Big Elf 10:51 22 Jan 04

If you've got a problem with your XP installation then set the BIOS to boot from CD and put the XP CD in the drive. You may need to do a repair to get it fixed click here

  Terrahawk 10:51 22 Jan 04

if you download the file stick a floppy into the A:\ drive double click the file you have downloaded it will write to the floppy disk, once complete you can delete the file you have downloaded as it is now on a floppy,the only problem you may hit is being at work i would be very suprised if your company would allow you download .exe files.So may well be a job at home.
Alternativly if you have an xp cd this will allow you to boot

  smegs 10:52 22 Jan 04

I'm using XP home, so I stoped where it went to make the floppies. It went to like a DOS page. Not sure what it does after that. Sorry. Have U got a floppy drive on works Pc??

  waydekirrane 11:00 22 Jan 04

yes, but i don't have 6 disks! i better get on the case. there's bound to be some lying around here somewhere!!

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