Boot Disk from Iso

  prince midas 16:28 09 May 07

I have been looking for a Boot Disk for a backup program & found a Iso file which I am told, I burn to a CD using a burn program which I have done to produce An Iso boot Disk.

Try as I can I cannot make it Boot.
Should an ISO file boot?

  leo49 16:33 09 May 07

If it was bootable it should boot as long as you burnt it as an Image

  howard64 17:33 09 May 07

what a lot of people need is one of our clever members to write a simple step by step how to burn an iso image.

  MAJ 17:55 09 May 07

Let us see it when you're finished, howard64. ;)

  howard64 18:06 09 May 07

MAJ I dont think my ways would be of much use I have success 1 out of about 3 attempts.

  skidzy 18:08 09 May 07
  leo49 18:09 09 May 07

Open Nero/Recorder Tab/Burn Image......

Couldn't be simpler,could it?

  prince midas 18:32 09 May 07

I am using Nero to burn an image & it will not boot so obviously I am doing something Wrong.

Do I set it to burn an image of the Iso or the whole disk.

Do I set it to burn an Iso Disk or a iso boot
disk.Please explain.
Do I set it do burn a Data Disk.
To just burn an Iso Data disk will not work.

Please go through your instructions using Nero to make an Iso Boot Disk please.

have you set pc to boot from cd in the bios

  prince midas 18:39 09 May 07

It is set to boot from CD but surely the burnt CD must need more information than an ISO file.

I have made ISO images in the past but not an ISO to boot & this is where I need further instructions for Nero.

  MAJ 18:41 09 May 07

It wont boot if the iso was not created to boot. Depending on which version of Nero you're using, either choose the 'Burn Image' option from the Wizard or (as leo49 says), Open Nero/Recorder Tab/Burn Image...... and select your ISO file.

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