Boot-up and CMOS battery

  wotbus@ 16:30 17 Dec 09

PC boots OK without the CMOS battery but won't boot with it installed?
Anyone please,

  Technotiger 16:43 17 Dec 09

When battery is installed are you sure it is correct way up, though I know it is a silly question!

Could be a PSU problem.

  wotbus@ 16:50 17 Dec 09

Hi Technotiger.
Not a silly question but yes it's up the right way.
I have the PC running with a replacement known serviceable PX unit and it also runs with the original PX unit.
I have substituted all the components to check.
It's my brothers PC and he gave it to me to try to fix as "it just won't start up".
Having run all my tests I was scratching my head, like you do, and peering into the unit, when I thought about the age of the thing and the CMOS battery. I took the battery out and it began to boot!
I haven't tried a new battery yet but I have tried several much more recent than the original (about 8yrs) but nothing.

  wotbus@ 16:58 17 Dec 09

Hi rawprawn.
No. I had thought about it but on as the PC is currently installing at least a million updates ;-) because of it's lack of use, I thought I would pose the question.
I will try it just as soon as practicable.

  Technotiger 16:58 17 Dec 09

Try a new CMOS battery then, if only to eliminate that as the problem. It is normal for a PC to boot without the battery, it just won't retain the settings when switched off.

  rawprawn 16:59 17 Dec 09

If you have had the battery out, have you reset the BIOS to default settings, or what they were.

  wotbus@ 17:00 17 Dec 09

Yes sorry, it's the ex-forces dinasaur in me ;-)

  Technotiger 17:00 17 Dec 09

??? do you mean PSU?

  wotbus@ 17:00 17 Dec 09

I promise to try harder...

  wotbus@ 17:02 17 Dec 09

I did say I would try harder LOL...

  wotbus@ 17:03 17 Dec 09


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