boot from cd message appears twice

  terryf 01:47 28 Nov 06

Winxp pro sp2, On the boot-up screen, the message boot from cd appears twice, does any-one know where this message comes from, it is not in boot.ini

  Strawballs 01:56 28 Nov 06

So does mine I assume you have 2 CD/DVD drives and set to boot from CD rom first?

  terryf 02:01 28 Nov 06

No, only 1 cd/dvd drive

  terryf 02:03 28 Nov 06

I am sorry it is win xp home on the machine that does it another machine with xp pro does not although that has 2 optical drives

  Strawballs 02:06 28 Nov 06

I only assumed this as I have 2 desktops with 2 optical drives and both have it twice and a laptop with only 1 drive and it appears once.

the laptop has XP home and the other 2 Pro

  €dstowe 06:36 28 Nov 06

If your BIOS is set such that the first boot device is CD and the 2nd boot device is CD then the computer will attempt to boot from those even if there is no second CD drive present. If there is no bootable device in the CD drive(s) only then will it proceed to the third bootable device which, I assume is the HDD

Does this cause problems?

If not, best forget about it.

  terryf 10:29 28 Nov 06

Thanks for inputs, not causing problems just my enquiring mind, I will look at bios next time I boot

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