Boot from ATAPI disc...FAILURE?

  tazzo85 17:53 23 Jul 03

When i switch on my computer and when the computer loads and all that white writing with black background runs through, i managed to notice it say "Boot from ATAPI disc...FAILURE"
Does this mean anything, i think it has always been like that. Is there something i have forgotten to do when i first started my computer?

  TECHNODIMWIT 18:08 23 Jul 03

i think there is a chance that your bios is set to boot from cd first.

go to your bios and change this to hdd or fdd.
no harm is done leaving as it is, unless you leave a windows cd or worse a recovery disc in your cd rom and restart the computer. not sure but some computers will start there recovery cycle at this point

  tazzo85 18:10 23 Jul 03

im not too familiar with these computer terms sorry lol, how do i get to the Bios and change it? or should i leave it incase i mess things up? lol Thanks for replying anywayz :o)

  TECHNODIMWIT 22:42 23 Jul 03

I had homework to complete for collge.

to enter bios, tap delete key as computer botts up, or the key your unit asks for setup, once into bios step down to ADVANCED BIOS FEATURES.
hit enter then step to 1st boot device, rest to floppy or hdd


  DieSse 22:55 23 Jul 03

There is absolutely no reason at all to change it - in fact it's qute helpful that should you ever need to boot fromn CD - you have no changes to make to enable it.

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