Boosting upload speed

  JimX 15:24 31 Mar 07

Is there any way of temporarily increasing upload speed? I ask because I am uploading all my music to MP3tunes, so that I can listen on an internet tablet. This is happening at about 44KBs, which means it will take a solid fortnight. I've got XP Professional and BT Broadband.

so you are on a 512 connection?

  JimX 18:31 31 Mar 07

No, download speed is notionally 8Mb.

  Batch 18:46 31 Mar 07

When you say 44KBs do you mean 44 kilobits/sec or 44 KiloBytes/sec?

Typical upload speeds supported are often 256 kilobits/sec. 44 KiloBytes/sec equates to roughly 352 kilobits/sec, which is pretty good.

  JimX 20:03 31 Mar 07

I think it's Bytes. That might be as good as it gets, for all I know, in which case I will be patient and hope the PC doesn't burst into flames over the next two weeks.

  Jackcoms 20:04 31 Mar 07

Maximum upload speed on ADSL Max (8MB) is 448kbps (kilobits per second)

also depends on the websites bandwidth, you would think it would be high thought as the website is ment for uploads :-S

  bennyhillslovechild 01:00 01 Apr 07

Just a suggestion, but if your internet tablet comes with any form of media software that is capable of playing streamed audio and video, then you could always check out Orb. click here

I use this a LOT, and find it really handy. There's no uploading lots of tracks, but you do need to keep the pc that holds all of your media running, as it basically runs as a media server. Then you log in via a website with your tablet, mobile phone, or any pc and it streams your music/videos/documents etc to you.

I often use it with my Nokia N80 to listen to music or watch movies when in the bath, or in bed using wifi. It's also handy to be able to listen to my music collection when at work, without having to carry around an mp3 player. And if i forget a document, I can grab it from my home computer, as long as it's in one of the shared folders.

  ashdav 01:15 01 Apr 07

44kBs is about the practical maximum you will get with your connection.
This equates to an advertised 470K upload.
To work this out and make it clearer :-
Take your advertised upload speed (what your ISP says you can achieve) and divide this by 8 to convert from bits to bytes.(b= bits,B=bytes)
Multiply this by 0.8 to allow for communication traffic (data to verify connection and correct data transfer etc.) and you will arrive at roughly the upload speed you are achieving.

  ashdav 01:16 01 Apr 07

In answer to your original question - no.

  JimX 06:52 01 Apr 07

OK, so patience it is. Thanks to everyone.

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