baldyx 13:42 25 Jan 09

I have switched to Mozilla Firefox as my default internet explorer.
How do I sort the Bookmarks e.g., by Name.
I used to do it o.k. in IE7.

  howard64 14:25 25 Jan 09

if you click on them you can move them up or down to where you want them

  VoG II 14:26 25 Jan 09

Right click in the list > Sort by name.

  DieSse 16:03 25 Jan 09

VoG™ - not in FF3

Click on Bookmarks - go to Organise Bookmarks - There's a Sort by name function in there.

  Sea Urchin 17:29 25 Jan 09

VoG™'s solution works in my FF3

  VoG II 20:28 25 Jan 09

Hiya DieSse

Works for me in 3.0.5.

  Woolwell 21:01 25 Jan 09

Hm - To sort my Bookmarks in Firefox 3.0.5 I have to right click on "Bookmarks Menu". Further down if I right click it only sorts within the selected folder.

The Organise bookmarks seems to open the library view but whilst you can sort within this it does not appear to change to bookmarks menu or side bar click here

  AL47 21:08 25 Jan 09

the bookmarks are the oe thing i think is worse in ff3

  AL47 21:09 25 Jan 09

i cant do the right click in my ff3.0.5

  MAT ALAN 21:20 25 Jan 09

bookmarks>organise bookmarks>views tab>sort. a dropdown list will appear with many oprions to choose from...

  woodchip 21:20 25 Jan 09

At the top you should be able to click on bookmarks then Manage

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