Ankermi31 17:34 24 Jan 09

Windows XP

Recently updated my AVG spyware as I was instructed to do. This is now the full set up with anti virus,firewall etc which seems ok if perhaps a bit complex - to me anyway - so it has basically been left as it was installed.

However I kept getting something about Bonjour wanting to access the computer. Not knowing what it is I have "blocked" it and this has stoped the pop ups appearing.

Question: Is this ok or should it be allowed to have access to my computer?

  Pineman100 17:56 24 Jan 09
  birdface 18:21 24 Jan 09

Anything to do with here

  john bunyan 19:26 24 Jan 09

Ankermi. I looked into this some time ago, and decided to live with it - I think Photoshop and /or Apple (i Tunes) like you to have it. It has caused me no problems in about a year of having it.

  AL47 21:25 24 Jan 09

i know itunes has it, i disabled it cause it wastes ram lol

  lotvic 21:26 24 Jan 09

Various ways to disable and/or uninstall Bonjour on the the Adobe forum click here

  Ankermi31 09:16 25 Jan 09

Many thanks for all your excellent replies.

Seems like I have done the correct thing by blocking Bonjour.

I do have iTunes but only use it for music I have copied from my own CD collection and it is only used rarely.

I had bought a new Epson scanner which came with Adobe Photoshop 4.0 which was downloaded and that is where Bonjour has probably come from.

Mot impressed by Photocopy and it is "dated". and it also defaulted everything on the computer to open in that programme (I have now changed everything to what I wanted).

My final question is that I see Bonjour is listed in my Add/Remove Programmes 0.49MB, I assume it is also save to remove it?

Many thanks once again.


  lotvic 13:39 25 Jan 09

Don't forget to disable it (stop it running) before you attempt to uninstall it.

  Ankermi31 14:54 25 Jan 09

Thanks lotvic
I have had experiences with offloading other Adobe progs and thank you for your timely advice 'cos I would have forgotten to do what you suggest however can you give me guidance where to go to stop it running? I have "blocked" it coming in as AVG has a massive list of it having done so.

  lotvic 20:25 25 Jan 09

go into services (start> settings> control panel> administrative tools> services) and set the service to "Disabled" (right click it and select properties, you'll see a dropdown).

as per post #1 of the link I posted

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