bois screen lost after cmos battery discon

  bigboab y 08:46 15 Aug 07

Friend has given me a ZDS VESTA SX laptop to try and fix.On boot up and even after pressing F2,it was asking for "the CURRENT password".On advice after looking through postings on here,I disconnected the CMOS battery overnight.Now when I boot up,there is no picture at all,not even the password request.I can hear the fan running so at least its starting up .How do I get the bios back ? . (Zenith Data Systems were taken over by Packard Bell round about the time this machine was made so support for it is hard to find).Cheers all.

  johnnyrocker 09:30 15 Aug 07

try this click here=


  bigboab y 10:00 15 Aug 07

sorry johnny that took me nowhere

  Graham. 11:15 17 Aug 07

Will it boot into Safe Mode (usually F8 on boot)?

  bigboab y 11:34 17 Aug 07

No it doesnt Graham.. Mibbe its me guessing,but it would appear the bios has been totally lost.Just wanted to know how to download the bios (if I can find it ) and reinstall

  norman47 11:35 17 Aug 07

Unplug the power supply, take out the main laptop battery so it has no power.

Press the start button for 30 seconds, connect power back up and try.

  bigboab y 11:56 17 Aug 07

Sorry Norm no joy.. this is an ancient lappy and probly due for the square window..just hate these buggers getting the better of me

  johndrew 12:16 17 Aug 07

I am clutching at straws.

Could it be the laptop is looking for the recovery disk? Or is there a jumper you have to move to reset the CMOS?

  Belatucadrus 12:28 17 Aug 07

Another long shot, my first lappie would occasionally lose its brightness and contrast settings and the screen would appear blank. Fiddling with the appropriate controls would restore things.

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