On-board sound card. No sound.

  ordep 09:01 04 Oct 05

After reinstalling XP, I now have no sound.

Would it be something to do with drivers.

  Stuartli 09:12 04 Oct 05

You are using either onboard sound or a sound card.

More details are required of your setup. If it's onboard sound then it may require re-enabling in the Bios or, if a sound card, disabling onboard sound.

In either case it is likely that you will have to reinstall the drivers.

  billyliv 09:13 04 Oct 05

Hi, Yes. You need your motherboard drivers to re-enable sound. If you know your motherboard model, you can get them off the internet. Cheers, Bill

  ordep 09:16 04 Oct 05

Thanks Stuartli, I'm not in front of the offending computer as yet, but shall be in about an hour. I can give you more info then. But its definitely on-board sound.

  ordep 09:17 04 Oct 05

Thanks Bill, I'll have a look shortly.

  Stuartli 10:50 04 Oct 05

It's audio rather than motherboard drivers that will be required - you might also have to (re)enable onboard sound in the Bios as well, but not likely.

  ordep 18:21 04 Oct 05

I've d/l the audio drivers from Asus (A7A266E) but, I'm unable to install them. Were am I going wrong. I've searched the Asus site but cant find any info on the subject.

  stevebabes 18:25 04 Oct 05

just a thought can you not roll back youre driver

  Stuartli 18:54 04 Oct 05

XP has been reinstalled.


May be worth considering an XP Repair in future rather than reinstalling everything...:-)

The Asus appears to use the same C-Media 8738 onboard sound chipset I used to have on an Elite mobo.

It's rather good, especially in view of the fact that it also sells in PCI form from around £4-£6 and wasn't improved on that dramatically by a SoundBlaster Live! that replaced it using 2.1 INM speakers.

Try click here for the C-Media version of the drivers.

  ordep 19:11 04 Oct 05

Thanks for the link Stuartli.
I'm back home again now. I'll try them on the offending computer on Thursday.

  billyliv 00:24 07 Oct 05

Hi,(Stuartli) You will find that, if the sound is on board, the drivers will be on the motherboard disc. cheers, Bill.L.

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