On-board graphics over-ride

  warton 22:16 05 Apr 05

How do I over-ride the on-board graphics on the motherboard to enable the running of a dedicated graphics card in the AGP slot of the board. Have attempted to install drivers for card from CD but installation wizard is saying that there is no equipment to install too. Have made changes in BIOS to PCI/AGP settings (?) but this has had no effect. Motherboard is manufactured by Matsonic the graphics card is ATI Xpert 2000 pro. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  JonnyTub 22:22 05 Apr 05

Is there an option to set it run purely from agp?
Instead of pci/agp suggesting the bios is choosing.

  DieSse 22:28 05 Apr 05

Can you post the motherboard model please.

ßéLâ - Yes they do exist - quite a few in fact.

  David-283576 22:30 05 Apr 05

if this problem is similar to any experience i had then its definetly a motherbord issue as you need to disble it there.. it might not be the bios agp/pci option instead somewhere there will be an onboard graphics option, if i were you id look for your motherboard manual online and read that for bios options

  User-312386 22:31 05 Apr 05

I have on-board graphics and an AGP slot


You need to go into the BIOS and disable on-board graphics as JonnyTub has suggested. To enter the BIOS, restart the computer and start tapping the delete key. Now when in BIOS look for the Onboard Graphics and Disable it. Now Exit the BIOS and save changes.

Now the computer will restart. Ensure your Graphics card is fitted in the AGP slot. When the computer has restarted, then install drivers

Hope this helps

  Totally-braindead 22:46 05 Apr 05

I've built a number of PCs with onboard graphics and all of the recent ones have AGP slots for future upgrade, as the others have said in order to help we must know the make/model of your motherboard. If you're unsure of what this is download this click here and it will tell you. Some motherboards automatically disable the onboard graphics when they detect a dedicated graphics card and some need to be disabled in the BIOS that is why its necessary to know the make/model of your motherboard. This may also help click here the matsonic website

  User-312386 22:48 05 Apr 05

My MOBO is an Asus A7N266-VM

Came with no Graphics card and had and only onboard Graphics

As obviously you do not believe me (rather me saying this tongue in cheek) if you click here and download the manual and then go to page 56 and look at the section that states "Select the onboard vga card"

  sidecar sid 22:55 05 Apr 05

Example of motherboard with onboard graphics and an AGP slot.

click here

  DieSse 12:24 06 Apr 05

Message received by email - please do not email, post to the board.

"Motherboard is Matsonic MS8308E"

  DieSse 12:42 06 Apr 05

I've looked at the manual, and there is no jumper shown, nor any BIOS setting shown, to enable the AGP slot. This usually means you can plug in the card and it should work. There is a list of cards they have tested with it, and thus they proably won't guarantee that others will - it is an older board, so probably the boards in the list are older graphics boards, of course.

As it doesn't seem to work, all you can do is contact their tech support click here

and see what they have to say. Don't be surprised if they say, basically, tough luck - use one of the tested boards.

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