on-board cpu!

  matthew-293741 15:11 11 Jan 03
  matthew-293741 15:11 11 Jan 03

please can someone give me some advice, i am trying to buy a cheapish system for my dad, i can get a system that conatins a amd 1300 duron on-board, trouble is i want to know the pitfuls (obviously its not upgradeable) and possible benefits, is it integerally sound to buy a system like this or should i steer well clear?

thanks in advance

  1st RHA 15:21 11 Jan 03

and whats youir budget

  matthew-293741 15:24 11 Jan 03

basically a internet machine, but he is a gamer as well....nothing to modern you understand, just so long as i can kick his butt in RTCW!!!


  matthew-293741 15:26 11 Jan 03

sorry, budget ...up to 300 quid, dont need amonitor or any k/b mouse etc...just a base unit with OS!!

  1st RHA 15:40 11 Jan 03

click here

for new pc's check if operating sys inc

athalons will provide better performance at a low price ensure decent graphics

  Edezine 17:45 11 Jan 03

Try Here - Go to PC Systems page, then base units click here

  Rayuk 18:05 11 Jan 03

I would check this onboard Duron very carefully as I have seen in some mags.[unsure which] where the actual speed of the cpu is about 900.
Can you give a link to where you are getting this from

  Edezine 18:26 11 Jan 03

The above is true, the CPU speed of Onboard CPU's is usually a 'PR' value (Processor Rating). Motherboards stating they have onboard Duron 1200 CPU's actually run at 850Mhz the PR rating is misleading, I suppose it's the same thing as Athlon XP processors not running at the speed their name suggests eg. XP 2200 runs at 1.8Ghz

  Pilch.... 18:28 11 Jan 03

build one, would be better, also probably get slightly higher spec's..

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