*.bmp files arent recognised, thus dont open!

  Mad Boy 13:25 01 Feb 03

for some reason i cant get *.bmp files to open in any graphics program like MS Paint, Microsoft Photo editor or anything! Gif,jpeg files etc work fine but i need bmp files. Why dont they open? Also the icon for a bmp file is represented as a temp looking file and the to left in my computer it is called "File" and not paint image. I even tried holding shift,right mouse and open with. That didnt work.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks

  acfc 13:42 01 Feb 03

For some reason it sounds like the BMP file type is not associated with a program.

A couple of ideas ~

Have you tried opening MS Paint and using the open command in the file menu?

If you open Windows Explorer and go to Tools/Folder Options/File Types and scroll down to BMP you can assign this to a specific program

  Ironman556 13:43 01 Feb 03

You need to create an association with the file extension... In any folder, go to Edit, Folder Options, File Types, New Tpye.

Description should be: Bitmap Image

Associated extension should be: .bmp

Content type/MIME: image/bmp

Click Actions click "new"

The action should be: open

And then browse to the location of the viewer you want to use, paint is:

C:\Progra~1\Access~1\MSPAINT.EXE "%1"

  Ironman556 13:45 01 Feb 03

Sorry, start by going to view, not edit. ;-)

  Mad Boy 13:52 01 Feb 03

ok ill try, yes i tried opening from the graphics program, it says not recognised

  Mad Boy 14:03 01 Feb 03

no it doesnt work, now i can open them. but if i save anew one it isnt recognised! STILL!

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