blurry resolution

  chelle35 22 Nov 11

my son was given a computer and it needed formatting which did bought a new graphics card installed it and the screen is all blurred cant change screen size or change it from 4bit to 32 bit but can in safe mode someone told me if i changed it in safe mode that it would stay like that when i returned to normal mode but it doesnt any ideas

  rawprawn 22 Nov 11

Have a look at it in Device Manager, see if it needs the drivers re installing

  chelle35 22 Nov 11

did that already it says it is fine i even uninstalled driver and reinstalled it and still same

  rawprawn 22 Nov 11

does it show "Generic Driver" or the driver for the new graphics card?

  chelle35 22 Nov 11

the new graphics card

  rawprawn 22 Nov 11

Have you tried re seating the card?

  chelle35 22 Nov 11

i have took it out restarted without it in and put it back cant put it in any other slots as it wont fit but have took it out and uninstalled it and reinstalled

  BRYNIT 22 Nov 11

Are you using the correct resolution for the monitor?

  chelle35 22 Nov 11

its a tv/pc monitor and it works fine on my other comp but in safe mode i can change that and it recognises 32 bit but in normal mode it wont change at all and there is no other to change it to but 4 bit

  Les28 22 Nov 11

Just an idea but did the computer originally have a graphics card and for some reason you have replaced that card with another one, or was there no graphics card originally, graphics originally running from an onboard graphic chip on the motherboard, which may need disabling in the bios settings for the card to function properly.

  buteman 22 Nov 11

Does it work Ok with the graphics card removed.And just using on board Graphics.


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